It is always a pleasure to collaborate with someone on a commission work.  It is an honor to try and capture something that has a lot of meaning for the customer whether it is a place, event, or memory.

I started out, many moons ago, painting home commissions to help pay my through school.  Many of my favorite projects have come about when a customer has approached me with a new idea.  I have  painted invitations, wedding venues, logos, images used in promotional materials for businesses, recipes and gardens to name a few.  Some of them are pictured below as samples.

Please use the contact form if you would like to discuss a painting.  We can discuss ideas with no obligation to buy.  (Just so you know, I cannot paint people). There are more details about purchasing commissions on the ordering information page.

Once your commission is finished you will be able to have prints or notecards made to share with your family and friends.

Hope you enjoy looking!



Food is often deeply connected with the best memories.  A piece of original artwork is a great way to enjoy those memories.  Among other things, I have painted family recipes, a series of herbs for a kitchen, and teacups from the family china.

A painting of this type would make a great gift for any food lover, fabulous cook, chef, or restaurant owner.  Other possibilities include using food art on a menu or in restaurant publicity.  We can work together to come up with perfect design.

The painting of the sandwich above was not actually a commission.  It was a gift from me to my son. My son’s first job was in a Fresh Market grocery store deli.  He came home one day very excited about  sandwich he had created that day.  He drew it out on a piece of notebook paper pictured above.  As a gift for him, I recreated what he wrote and drew that day and it hangs in his kitchen.



My style is a good fit for service or creative businesses where connecting with people on a personal level is key.   Projects include food art used on menus, paintings of the business exterior and creating logos.  A scan of the artwork in can also be purchased for use in promotional materials.

Above is a logo I did for a small family owned side business.  I like it because it captures the spirit of their family.   There are several paintings of businesses that I have done.  Unfortunately, the soda shop no longer exists and I have to buy my chocolate malts somewhere else.




This was a series of breweries painted for a poster.





It is a joy to be a small part of someone’s wedding day.

Coordinated original artwork that fits the theme of your wedding can be can be created to be used on everything from the save the date cards to the menu to the programs and place cards.  Formal or informal, indoors or out, a portrait of the wedding venue makes a great “guestbook” or special memory of the wedding. A crest or ribbon with the couple’s name can be added.  It is a lovely gift for the married couple or as an anniversary gift.

I would love to talk to you and make your ideas come to life.

Madeline invite


Some occasions call for a very special invitation with original artwork.  I enjoy being a part of your celebration in a small way and would love to collaborate with you to capture the spirit of the event.  The invitation above was for baby Madeline whose mom loved the Madeline books growing up. At the client’s request, I added a poem reflecting this.

house icon


Home portraits.

Watercolors are a perfect medium to capture the warmth of a home.  I have been privileged to paint many, many homes beginning with the childhood homes of my mom and dad and the house I was raised in.  My father’s childhood home is the house above sitting on the snowy hill.

A home portrait makes a great gift for yourself, new homeowners, people who are moving on from a beloved home, or even as a real estate gift.  The family name or a quote such as the Jane Austin quote, ” Ah! There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.”, can be easily added.


Bed and Breakfasts.

Because I love architecture so much I have always loved bed and breakfasts where people share their lovingly cared for homes.  They are wonderful to paint and lend themselves well to a series of paintings often having many beautiful spots on the grounds.  Paintings can be used by B&B owners for a variety of promotional purposes as well giving them the opportunity to create products such as postcards to sell to their clients.